There are two reasons why artists pursue some form of art. One reason is to express themselves, connect with the audience and enjoy the rush of appreciation and attention that follows. Second reason is more personal – passionate artists pursue art as a form of prayer or meditation. Something that makes them feel closer to God. Something that fills every cell of their body with a kind of energy and drive that brings them to life and makes them want to keep painting or keep dancing or keep writing or in my case keep singing. For such artists, pursuing art becomes akin to breathing for when they stop they become restless, unable to enjoy anything else in life, unable to see any meaning in life besides their passion.

Music for me is that – a religion. Any person pursuing music with passion feels like family to me. Hence my endeavor is to find a profession in music so that I can spend maximum part of my time pursuing my passion and bonding with the music family.

And that brings me to the point I was making through this post. If there is anything in your life that makes you feel the way I described above, then don’t ever let that passion die. You may have a good reason right now for not being able to pursue it full time. But keep the fire burning, keep putting your heart and soul towards perfecting yourself and be ready for any opportunity that will (definitely) come your way. For as Paulo Coelho said,”When your heart truly desires something the whole universe conspires to help you achieve that thing simply because it is a desire that originated from the soul of the world”. In fact suppressing that passion would be highly stressful and detrimental to your health, happiness and success.

Life is too short to ignore the things that matter the most. You never know which day will be your last. So if you have a dream work towards making it a reality. If you have a passion follow it with your heart and soul. And if it’s music I’m here to keep you company along the way 🙂 Looking forward to an interesting journey with all of you!

3 thoughts on “Are you a passionate artist?

  1. Well, all I can say after reading this amazingly inspiring post is… Thank you. I’ve finally met someone who’s as passionate about music as I am! Love this post and can’t wait to read more of your journey! ☺️

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    1. I’m so happy you relate to that feeling I have described and grateful that someone as passionate and talented as you is following my blog 🙂 Read some of your poetry and loved it. Going to spend some time reading all of it. Have a wonderful blessed day 🙂

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      1. Thank you! 🙏🏽 I am so humbled by your words. It’s such a blessing to be around beautiful spirits and I’m so glad you have graced my life with yours. ☺️ I’ll be waiting patiently for more of your awesome posts! Enjoy your day! 💕🤗

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