Hi! I’m Harshita, a 28 year old MBA graduate who has recently decided to pay heed to her inner voice that begs her to spend each living moment on music, music and more music. I’m now on a journey towards building a career in music. Still trying to figure out what it takes to become a professional singer. This blog is a journal of my observations, mistakes, lessons learnt, advice received and anything else that will be useful for fellow aspiring singers like me. Idea is to keep a journal for myself to remember and others to learn from.

This blog will help you understand how to become a better singer and musician by following my journey and learning through my mistakes. This obviously doesn’t mean that you don’t follow your own journey and don’t make your own mistakes. It just means that you can learn from a few of mine. And since I am spending a lot of time researching human body’s vocal chord mechanism, music theory and other singing techniques, I might be able to compile the knowledge together in my blog for your ready consumption. Please note that I am on a journey and anything I write is open for questioning and debate. I will also try to cite the source as much as possible because I am not intending to take any credits here. This is just my attempt to share my journey because it’s going to be epic 😀

3 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. I encourage you to keep doing this, because your thoughts and experiences are definitely valuable. Your passion will take you far. Love the last line of this post! Music is ALWAYS taking us on epic journeys! 😃

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